Denise Austin: Shrink Your Female Fat Zones workout DVD review

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Denise Austin: Shrink Your Female Fat Zones

Released: 2003

Difficulty level: Rating: ★★☆☆☆ A few challenges

Sweat-o-Meter: Rating: ★★★☆☆ Occasional drips

Overall workout: Rating: ★★★★★ Highly recommend

Length of workout: 40 minutes

Equipment needed: 3-5 lb. dumbbells, floor mat, and a stability ball

Denise Austin has been creating workout videos since the ’80s. I actually have some of her old videos when they were on VHS. Her positive energy and words of encouragement during her workouts are motivating, especially when you’re at the point in the workout where you start to give up.

This is one of my favorite workouts because it focuses mainly on the core, arms, and legs; and is a relatively easy workout, especially if you’re a beginner. The workout is divided into two 20-minute segments — in the first half you use free weights (dumbbells), and in the second half you use the stability ball.

Denise starts out with a 5-minute warm-up of arms, legs, waist, along with a few stretches, and a few push-ups (not a lot of push-ups, which is good, ’cause I really don’t like push-ups).

In the first half Denise starts out with rows and lunges using weights. I use 5 lb. weights, but if you’re a beginner I would recommend starting out with 2 or 3 lb. weights. Bicep curls and tricep extensions are next; combined with squats and leg extensions. She continues with floor work, focusing on the butt and abs. A lot of the floor work is done without weights.

The second 20 minutes features the stability ball. I love the ball! Denise starts out with lower body exercises, including single leg squats. Then she picks up the weights and does bicep curls, lat pullovers, chest flys, hammer curls, and other sculpting exercises; all while sitting or lying on the ball. The rest of the ball workout targets the legs, thighs, and the lower body; finishing up with trunk curls — which are basically short sit-ups on the ball.

The workout finishes with some final stretches while sitting on the ball.

What’s nice about this workout is that Denise shows proper techniques along the way, making sure you use the correct form to avoid injury. Which is an impressive feat in itself, as I find it impossible to carry on any type of conversation while working out, much less speak to an audience.

So, have you tried this workout yet? If you have, do you agree/disagree with my ratings? Let me know in the comments below; I would love to hear your opinion of the workout!

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  • Julie Rosaly says:

    This is the #1 ab video I have ever purchased. Denise has every ab move possible on this dvd including, yoga & pilates. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks & see amazing results (as well as changing eating habits). Even my husband raves about the dvd & how well it’s helping me. I recommend it to everybody. It works!

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  • I bought this DVD in hopes that I could work it in with the rotation of the other exercise DVD’s I own in an effort to keep from plateauing. I was very disappointed with the workout on the DVD. I am not going to criticize Denise though because I found her as the host/leader to be alright. What I didn’t care for was the choreography on this DVD. There were several things about the choreography that I didn’t like such as the fact that so few reps are done on each exercise and just as you really getting into one exercise it is time to move on to the next. There is a lot of jumping and bouncing involved which I don’t really care for, and this workout requires you to have an extraordinary amount of balance. I also didn’t feel like I worked out. I consider this DVD to be a moderate workout and I was hoping for a heavy workout. I also felt like this DVD was misleading. On the case it says there is kick boxing and there was very little kick boxing used in this workout.

    All in all, I just didn’t really like this workout DVD and found it boring and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I do, however, highly recommend Kathy Smith, Leslie Sansone or TamiLee Webb.

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