Billy Blanks: Billy’s Boot Camp Elite – Mission One, Get Started

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Billy’s Boot Camp Elite: Mission One, Get Started

Released: 2006

Difficulty level:Rating: ★★★★☆ Very challenging

Sweat-o-meter: Rating: ★★★★★ Dripping

Overall rating: Rating: ★★★★★ Highly recommend

Length of workout: 43 minutes

Equipment needed: “Billy Bands” or resistance bands (optional)

This workout was part of a 4-DVD set, which I will shamelessly admit I purchased from a TV infomercial. The following year I saw it on sale at Walmart for half the price. I guess that’s the price you pay for being an early adopter. But I digress.

Billy Blanks is the original founder of Tae Bo Fitness, a workout that has its roots in the martial arts. The Boot Camp Elite set came with a pair of “Billy Bands,” which are basically resistance bands with a 1 lb. weight for the handle. However, they are not necessary, especially if you’re a beginner. The workout is brutal enough without adding the bands.

Billy starts the workout with a 5-minute warm-up with jumping jacks, a few boxing moves, squats, lunges, speed bag, and stretches.

The first half of the workout is done without the bands. Billy uses a lot of boxing and Tae Bo moves — punches, jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and kicks. In between these moves he gives everyone a break with the back-and-forth neutral move; a move that keeps you in motion while transitioning to the next move. It’s a good way of “resting” between each move.

All throughout the workout Billy talks to you, keeping you focused on doing the moves the correct way. His daughter Shellie is part of the boot camp team, and Billy uses her as an example of how to do a particular move the right way.

The second 20-minutes of the workout incorporates the resistance bands into boxing moves, bicep, and tricep extensions, squat thrusts, and jumping jacks. If you’re new to this workout, I would recommend not using the bands the first time.  At this point you’ve already worked up a huge sweat. The bands add an extra challenge to an already tough workout.

By the end of the workout you are dripping. For me, that’s an indicator of a successful workout. Billy winds up the workout with some arm stretches and some motivational words of encouragement.

There is also an 8-minute bonus workout with Billy, as he shows proper techniques of various moves. I would suggest doing this workout first in order to get the moves down correctly.

Have you worked out to any of Billy Blanks’ DVDs? I would love to hear your opinions. If you’ve tried this boot camp workout, let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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  • Melissa N. says:

    This video is great! I am a pretty avid exerciser, so when I do a video I want it to be difficult. This video worked almost every muscle. I run half marathons, but my glutes have never burned like this. If you are looking for a great workout I highly recommend this video. I am definitely incorporating it into my training schedule!

  • Tasha says:

    I am slightly out of shape and have been looking for an excercise video that i enjoyed and could easily follow. I bought this bootcamp set and tried it out and loved it. Mistakenly I used the bands the first time and found it a touch dificult so i think later today when i do it again i’ll try without the bands til i get a little better. I love how the video works all your muscle and doesnt make you do sit ups or pushups!!!

  • Sara says:

    I can’t rave enough about Tae Bo! Billy Blanks whips you into shape with this high energy workout. Let me tell you a little about my workout history: I have tried so many workouts, from ballet, to walking, to yoga. I have NEVER stuck with any of them. Walking was probably the one I did the longest, but I never felt as though I was getting my heart rate up, and I never felt any smaller/fitter. The first time I tried Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo, I was sweating, my heart rate was up, and frankly, I felt like I was going to die. Haha, now that might not be the feeling you are looking for, but the results of this workout are immediate. It is something I hope to do for the rest of my life.

    Now, I’ve never tried any of his other Tae Bo workouts, so I can’t comment as to how this one differs from those, but I’ll tell you the amped bar really heats things up. I mean, I didn’t use it for the first week, and I still felt the burn. However, once I added it in, I seriously felt amazing. In the two weeks, I have gone from a size 12 back to a size 10. I’m on week 3, and I feel great! Hopefully, I’ll get into my dream size 6 in a few months!

    I would say that this workout is not good for someone totally out of shape; I mean, I am probably 20 lbs. bigger than I should be (150 lbs at 5’9″), and I thought I would die the first couple of times I did this. However, if you are dedicated, and stick with it–even if it’s just for a couple of minutes at a time, or a couple of times a week–you will feel a difference. I wish I had tried Tae Bo years ago! Like Billy says, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Tae Bo is the way for me! Good luck with your weightloss goals!

  • Shulonda says:

    I have never been a exercise person.A friend of mine kept raving about billy blanks and suggested I try it.I borrowed her bootcamp elite and the very first time I tried this I was hooked.I was tired out of breath and dripping with sweat.Im about 3 weeks in and at first it was very difficult but now it’s easier to do the moves.I would recommend this dvd to everyone.

  • Wendy Cornett Wendy Cornett says:

    I will have to try this DVD! The hubs got me Billy’s Cardio Explosion DVD for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I get a great workout (it’s about 52 mins long) but I don’t hurt afterwards the way I do after some of Jillian’s! His kind demeanor is a nice change of pace, too. I’ll always love Jillian, but for now, I’m diggin’ Cardio Explosion! You’ll have to try it Faye!

    • Faye says:

      Hey Wendy, glad to see you here, and thanks for your comment! I haven’t tried the Cardio Explosion, but I do have the Get Amped workout that came with a bar.
      If you are interested in reviewing your workout, let me know; I’ll give you author permissions for a guest post!
      I’ll put Billy’s Cardio Explosion on my wish list! :D

  • […] workout was part of a 4-DVD set that came with a set of weights. (And just like the Billy Blanks DVD set, I bought this from an infomercial.) You can now purchase this workout separately; […]

  • joel st-jacques says:

    hello , im writting because i recently borrowed billy blanks bootcamp elite from my friend and unfortunetly he didnt have the workout schedule… May you please tell me if theres a schedule??? do i rotate between dvds or start with the first for a few weeks/?? thanx in advance

  • Faye says:

    Hey Joel,

    This DVD (Mission One, Get Started) was the 1st in a 4-DVD series. The other DVDs were: Mission Two, Maximum Power; Mission Three, Rock Solid Abs; and a bonus DVD – 8-minute Supercharge Cardio, which Billy and his team perform in NYC.

    He doesn’t really provide a schedule, but I would suggest watching all of them first before deciding on how you want to schedule your workouts. I personally think that Mission Two-Maximum Power is the toughest workout, so that might be one you would save for the last workout.

    It really depends on your fitness level. I personally don’t like to do the same workout every day, so I am always rotating my workouts. But you might have different preferences.

    I hope that helps!

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